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"AMAZING RESULTS!!! I went to Whistler Wellness to be treated by Chris Power for a broken scaphoid. Chris did low-light laser therapy to treat my broken scaphoid and I had absolutely INCREDIBLE results. I healed in under 6 weeks and got my cast off early. I've since gone back for Acupuncture work as well. Whistler Wellness is one-of-a-kind and I would highly, highly recommend them."

Google - 08/07/19

"Preamble: i'm deftly afraid of needles - as a child i had to be restrained for a blood draw, secondly i was raised in the 80's in an eastern european family - something like acupuncture was considered as good as snake oil.
The story: may 14, 2018 i suffered a horrible ski crash severely damaging my C5-7 nerves from spine to fingertips of my left arm rendering it as sturdy as a flailing empty garbage bag - no electrical signal whatsoever. By November my atrophy started reducing in my arm but the entire shoulder blade area was still unresponsive - my scapula winged so much my shirt would get stuck pulling it off. The only thing i had going for me was the perseverance to heal. So i decided to try acupuncture, i was willing to try anything. During my first session with Chris my shoulder blade area twitched for the first time. Over the next days the area kept 'fluttering awake.' i decided to keep seeing Chris weekly and it made all the difference - in january my healing progressed so much that my physio was giving me exercises he hadn't planned on assigning me until spring. Furthermore, he assigned me 10 new exercises because of my progress (up from 3-4/month since the crash). At this time my neurologist was forecasting a year until full recovery. It is now the second week of may and i have full mobility and am transitioning this month to traditional gym exercises and swimming laps. I'm now just rebuilding muscle lost to many months of atrophy. Chris is a true passionate healer! What makes him different is his approach - no bullshit, explanations in layman's terms, eagerness to help and inform and lastly he is constantly researching and staying on top of the tech/discoveries in his field (it was actually the laser therapy that 'popped the cork') and relaying the info to the patient. O ya, lastly, Chris needled the s**t out of me and not once did i even flutter with anxiety."

Google - 05/08/19

"This clinic is amazing. Chris is amazing, the laser acupuncture machine is amazing! They really helped me to heal quicker."

Google - 07/10/18

"I went to relieve the pain and blistering from shingles and Chris Power was awesome! He juggled things to see me right away and, after each successive treatment with the laser, the results were nothing short of incredible. An immense thank you, Chris and Whistler Integrative Wellness...highly recommend!"

Google - 01/05/18

"This is THE place to go if you want a true Whistler-holistic experience! Chris, the owner, is the BEST, and only hires great people. I see Chris and his osteopath, Alex, on a regular basis. Definitely recommend adding this to your list of "self-care" must-dos if you live in or visit Whistler!"

Google - 10/12/17

"Acupuncture at its best. They have the option for laser or the actual needles. They have helped me and my family in so many ways. From injuries, pregnancy, post injury rehab, post pregnancy, sleep problems, anxiety, relaxation, shingles, back problems to back disc problems, name it, we all go for acupuncture. They have a very broad knowledge of body points and the healthiest option for whatever you're feeling or just simply trying to relax. They have a naturopath, registered massage therapist and a holistic massage therapist available on site. Extremely professional and knowledgeable service providers with top notch quality and molded expertise throughout extensive years of experiences. Highly recommended!"

Google - 03/02/17

Chris, I can’t thank you enough. As a 40 year old woman with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis in my foot as a result of a old injury, I was told by my doctor and podiatrist that my only option was small joint replacement and cortisone injections.  Neither were were guaranteed to be effective, and nor were they options I was willing to pursue. After spending literally thousands of dollars on footbeds and podiatrist appointments, with no improvement, I decided to research alternative medicine and came across laser–acupuncture. After several months of treatment with you, the improvement I have seen to my foot not only surpasses anything I ever expected possible, but has allowed me to once again do participate in all the sports and activities I love. The results speak for themselves – and they are entirely due to the treatment I have received at your office. If you have anyone with similar symptoms who would like to speak with me directly, I would be more than happy to share my experience with them. It works!”

Catherine - 03/10/15

"I have been treated by Chris Power for over 7 years.  He has treated me for a wide variety of injuries and symptoms during that time.  I have to admit I was a skeptic of alternative medicine when it first recommended by a friend, but once I had my first treatment for a nagging neck injury, I was sold.  You can't argue with results, which Chris has always managed to produce for me. I have had several knee surgeries, nagging back problems, and even recently I broke my femur.  In all of these cases, Chris has been instrumental in my speedy recovery. I have personally recommended Chris to a number of friends and acquaintances, all of whom were more than satisfied and continue to see Chris on a regular basis. 

Chris's results combined with his professional demeanour, great treatment rooms and his support staff of specialist at Whistler Integrative and you have the best choice in the Sea to Sky corridor for alternative treatment!"

Ian - 09/10/14


"Following a mastectomy I had a frozen shoulder. I was recommended to Chris Power and his magic gave me back freedom of movement and lessened the pain. I still see Chris and love the new laser treatment it is unique and seems to give feedback for several days following a session. Thank you for your healing hands Chris."

Susan - 08/05/14


"Yesterday I could barely walk into the hospital with excruciating pain from long existing herniated discs. After a shot of morphine, the majority of the pain subsided and they sent me on my way. Of course this didn't last and I woke up this morning with the pain. Luckily enough, I was able to get in for an appointment today with Chris Power and I feel like a whole new person! He worked his "magic" and I feel absolutely amazing! Over the last 11 years I've tried every kind of treatment, therapies, supplements and medication imaginable. Never has anything worked like this session with him. I'm beyond grateful for helping me heal Mr. Power!!!"

Naomi - 04/30/14


"I was a willing test subject for an emerging new healing technology involving the use of lasers. It was painless and created some subtle sensations, the healing was amazing! My lower back pain was reduced within a few hours of treatment..the most successful and immediate results that I've ever had for my condition! Thanks Chris Power!"

Chase - 04/21/14


" I was suffering with perimenopause symptoms that were out of control. The hot flashes I was experiencing were debilitating, happening every hour and keeping me awake all night long. I was at my wits end! After a series of acupuncture treatments with Chris Power and with a regiment of herbal remedies and vitamin supplements I have virtually no symptoms. I feel great and am getting my 8 hours of sleep every night."

Michelle - 02/18/14


"I saw Chris in November of this past year. I'd been battling with chronic hip/knee/ankle/back pain for nearly 2 years. After the first session I was able to sleep through the night in the first time in as long as I can remember. I keep progressing with every treatment. Chris Power is a lifesaver"

Megan - 01/28/14


"A week ago my wife, Linda, and I were visiting Whistler staying at The Westin and she was getting ready for the day and her back went into severe spasm. The staff at The Westin, particularly Juan and Laura reacted quickly, decisively and with such caring. Laura was soon in contact with Chris Power of the Whistler Integrative Wellness Centre who without hesitation rearranged appointments and was in our hotel room, fully equipped, to consult and provide acupuncture treatment. Well, the results were miraculous - thank you Chris for ensuring our day and our visit to Whistler was changed from pending disaster to a wonderfully memorable 20th wedding anniversary!"

David - 08/14/13


"I came to Chris Power with a severly herniated disc in my lower back and while I've been seeking treatments from multiple professionals I can easily say that Chris had the largest effect on me. I strongly refer any of my friends and family to him and always look forward to my next appointment. Painless treatment and I don't like needles in general! I really can't say enough about how great a person and doctor Chris is."



"100% pain free acupuncture work! Chris Power has been treating my family & friends for years. He is caring, knowledgeable and gets results for us every time. Worth the drive to Whistler."



"A very knowledgeable, highly talented, gifted healer and acupuncturist. Specializes in shoulders and arms. Loves a challenge and resolves the issues. Has a very personable attitude and gets results."


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